Friday, May 10, 2013

Video: Otto Soglow Draws (1943)

If you want to see Otto Soglow, the creator of The Little King (you can buy the Library of American Comics beautiful reprint book CARTOON MONARCH here), or if you want just want to see rare footage of Otto Soglow drawing, check out the Army Navy Screen Magazine from 1943. It runs about a half hour -- but if you want to skip to the Soglow part, click here.

The Army-Navy Screen Magazine 06, 1943 (AKA The War, NO. 6, 1943)
01 F.O.B. America: Short film about the M-10 tank destroyer.
02 Back Home - Detroit Michigan: Short film about Detroit. UAW factory workers go to Camp Atterbury, Indiana to experience military life. Soldiers to go Detroit to visit the plants that are producing materiel for the war effort.
03 I Was There [Doolittle Raid]: AAF Captains Ted W. Lawson and Dean Davenport talk about their experiences in the Doolittle Raid.
04 Merchant Marine - There's Something About A Sailor: Short film about female Soviet Merchant Marine Officer Valentina Orlikova features Shirley Booth, Constance Collier, and cartoonist Otto Soglow.
05 Letter From Buna: Short film about the New Guinea campaign.
The Army-Navy Screen Magazine 06 1943: the entire newsreel

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