Friday, August 02, 2013

Comic Book Artist Beggar Cartoon "Originally Created All Those Superhero Comics the Movies Are Based On"

Hi, my name is Mike Lynch and I drew this cartoon with a comc book artist on the street begging for money, even though his creations are making millions at the box office.

The cartoon went viral and has hundreds of shares on social media sites.

And there are thousands of words written about the fact that most comic creators do not participate in the profit a movie makes from their creations.

I'm glad people like my cartoon and share it. But if you are selling something and want to use this cartoon to promote your profit-making business, then you have to ask for and receive my permission first.

Because if you have taken this, then that's, like, a whole lotta irony to me, y'know? And you're perpetuating the whole idea of taking cartoon and comics and not compensating the person who turned that blank sheet of paper into something of value.

And I really do not want this to become an autobiographical cartoon.




Smeghead2068 said...

Of course, it could be a certain mustachioed editor who likes to tell the world he created all the comic book characters he at best co-created with others.

The Spine said...

Interesting point by Smeghead2068 but surely he couldn't be talking about the author of this fine tomb?