Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remembering Norman Thelwell

Above image copyright 2004 by the Estate of Norman Thelwell.

British cartoonist Norman Thelwell (1923-2004) and his well-known horse cartoons are the subject of a profile titled Norman Thelwell: A Leg at Each Corner and Laugh on Each Page at the Horse-Canada site.
"His first cartoon was for the famous PUNCH magazine in 1952 and for the next 25 years he sold them 1,500 more. However it was in 1953 that his pony cartoons enraptured and captured instantaneous response. He got fan mail begging for more and was asked by his editor to do a two page spread on ponies. Although he thought that the initial pony picture was the end of ponies, it was quite the opposite and the “Thelwell pony” was born. Little did he know what a wealth of subject matter there was to be found within the tiny naughty minds of shaggy ponies and the efforts of the pony mad girls who tried to ride and control them."

Very nice to see this remembrance of Thelwell and the impact of his horse cartoons in this day and age!

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