Monday, August 05, 2013

Robert Mankoff Profile

The Sunday NY Times has a short Q and A profile of The New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff.

This is quote is fascinating:

"I have a background in experimental psychology, and I’ve been involved in research on how people process humor. I’ve done work with the University of Michigan that tracks eye movement as people look at cartoons. The interesting thing is that at that “get it” moment, when someone understands, the pupil sort of pops like it does for a flashbulb."

The entire story, written by Kate Murphy, is here.

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Dan Reynolds said...

I actually have a background in experimental psychology as well. Funny how this endeavor seems to have a tendency to produce the behavioral response to become a cartoonist. I studied the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome with white mice with electrodes in their brains. The fun part was taking them to the bars and getting them loaded.