Friday, August 16, 2013

Video: Charles Addams Gallery Show with Charles Kuralt and Bill Geist

"A lot of us subscribe [the The New Yorker] just for the cartoons," confides CBS reporter Bill Geist.

Well, duh.

Back in the beginning of 2001, the New York Public Library had a show of Charles Addams original cartoons titled "The Complete Charles Addams." The placards outside had a large blowup of the head of Uncle Fester, for all the passers by to see as they strolled down Fifth Avenue. Isn't that inviting?

I went to the show several times. There was never a day when there were not other people there.

Here's a clip from the CBS Sunday Morning program. Bill Geist not only goes to the show, but also visits Addams' New Jersey home. But first, we get to see him and the late great Charles Kuralt chat.

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