Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bunny Hoest Interview "Life On and Off the Funny Pages"

Above: Bunny Hoest and cartoonist Chari Pere on the terrace in Bunny's back yard, overlooking the Long Island Sound, from the 2007 Bunny Bash.

Bunny Hoest, who co-produces THE LOCKHORNS with John Reiner, was interviewed by on Saturday. This is the only time that I've read about Bunny's life before meeting Bill Hoest.

Still, after raising three children and dissolving an unhappy marriage, starting over on a new path with a new husband was tricky. "Marrying Bill meant taking on a whole different kind of life, a new direction with much responsibility. He needed a working partner as well as a marriage partner. It was scary and challenging," she says. But with typical resolve, she adds, "I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a shot."

So once married to Bill, in addition to helping him run the business end, Bunny Hoest also began writing captions for "The Lockhorns," which she said came naturally to her. "He concentrated on the drawing. He was a master of design -- brilliant," she says.

Related: Some photos from the most recent annual "Bunny Bash," which draws many cartoonists to Bunny's lovely Long Island home for an afternoon of shop talk.

Big hat tip to Joe & Bob.

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