Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dream On

I don't usually remember my dreams, but this one was different. I had a dream last night where the Sunday New York Times arrived complete with three large color comics sections, as well as inserts like a Comics Buyers Guide, The Comics Journal, Hogan's Alley and a cool TOS STAR TREK mag. Now that's the way to increase circulation!

Unfortunately, I woke up before I could read any of them. *&^%#%!!!

The above drawn with a tempermental Penstix pen (0.7mm) on Canson paper.


DecaturHeel said...

Mike--that's the kind of dream I like...people getting Hogan's Alley in their paper! Now we've just got to get #16 out the door...


Alan Smithee said...

I dreamed Brad Pitt tried my coffee, and he liked it so much that I offered to make him a cup.

I bought some Penstix once, but when I tried them, they were all dried out.

Mike Lynch said...

Tom, I think that if the NY Times did this I would buy it for sure. I hope #16 will be out in time for the Small Press Expo. Will you be there?

Mr. Smithee: same thing happened to me. Er, not the Pitt dream -- but the dried out Penstix. I just bought a couple thru and they are dried out, as you can tell by some of the wonky lines in my doodle above.