Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Festival of Cartoon Art

Some photos from this past weekend's 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art. It was, as you can see, also the 100th birthday of KRAZY KAT.

The Festival happens every 3 years and has been ongoing for about 30 years in all. The event sold out, and there were many cartoonists from Web to comic strips to graphic novels to comic books -- all giving presentations. And, I almost forgot that there were a couple of days of serious academic papers being presented all about comics.

Craig Boldman of ARCHIE and Ed Black (with a cool Siegel & Shuster Society t-shirt).

John Lotshaw of Moonbase Studios, Bill Holbrook, Michael Jantze.

Mike Lynch, Tom Stemmle, Richard Thompson, Mark Anderson.

Stephen Johnson and Susan Kirtley, Ph.D. Dr. Kirtley delivered a paper at the event titled "Girlhood and the Gaze: Focalization in Ernie Pook's Comeek."

Photo of Paul Levitz hugging his giant new book 75 YEAR OF DC COMICS. Yes he's normal size and yes, the book is BIG.

Richard Thompson, Tom Gammill, Michael Jantze, John Hambrock.

THE FUNNY TIMES' co-editor Ray Lesser and Mike Lynch.

Benita Epstein, Mike Lynch, Stephanie Piro in front of a James Thurber cartoon reproduction.

Detail of the cartoon room in the OSU Student Union.

Doug Bratton, Mark Parisi, James Sturm.

Mark Anderson, Richard Thompson.

Stacy Curtis, looking quite serious while touching the art. Yea, those ribbons (all in the color of hi-lighter markers) were part of the art at the Wexner Center. And there were security guards who would shoo one if one touched them. Stacy lives on the edge.

Curator and Cartoon Festival volunteer Susan Liberator cuts the cake.

Aww. Cake all gone. Time to go.

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The Comics Reporter has some more and Tom Spurgeon, your Comics Reporter captain, is very good about updating all of these.


David said...

Looks like you had a great time Mike. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Brian Fies said...

Nice Thurber drawing.

I appreciate the report, my friend. Sounds like an event I must make an effort to get to in the future.