Monday, October 25, 2010

Mike Lynch: 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art

Some selected moments that I experienced at the recent 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art.


Steve Breen made the comment in the first panel. He was making a joke. Billy Ireland was an important cartoonist in Columbus's history and among the cartoonists he mentored were Caniff and Sickles. If you go and Google his work, you'll see that Ireland's cartoons, most having to with the history of Columbus, were amazing.

Shop talk, like the comment in the second panel by a friend, is common. It's not just what pen do you use -- it's are you REAL or VIRTUAL?

Jan STONE SOUP Eliot made the "Without deadlines, cartoonists would never finish anything" remark and she's spot on.

Dave SHELDON Kellett, in the 4th panel, is one of the most enthusiastic speakers for the medium of comics. I want to apologize to Dave and everyone else --I'm no Tom Richmond when it comes to caricatures. In Dave's presentation, he showcases the simple economic model of giving your cartoons away for free on the Web and then people will buy your ancillary products. As an aside, my criticism of this accepted business model is that it assumes the cartoonist produces a good product and that the cartoonist can produce cartoons for a couple of years before their Web traffic grows and they can begin to eke out an income. These are big assumptions.

The weekend's highlight was an onstage interview of Matt Groening by Tom Gammill (next to last panel). Two microphones were placed in the aisles of the sold out Wexner Auditorium and dozens of people lined in front of them to ask Mr. Groening, mostly, for autographs. Yes, the fellow who wanted a lock of Mr. Gorening's hair was completely serious. The best people who asked questions (and rarely asked for autographs) were the kids 12 and under. They always informed him that they grew up THE SIMPSONS, and usually asked very astute and specific questions.

Lucy Caswell, Jenny Robb, Susan Liberator and the entire library staff did a tremendous job and deserve much thanks. The event was friendly and not too big. It was great meeting so many cartoonists, and hanging out with my inky pal Mark Anderson. I hope I can go next time.


Benita said...

That's really funny, Mike. I see me. Very productive to draw all that during the festival as we hardly had time between seminars to even talk.

Jay Fabares said...

Sounds like a very fun seminar :) I like the poetry & graphic design comment! Thx for sharing!

Mark Anderson said...

This is fantastic! And thanks for not showing that impromptu hula dance I did. ;)

Stacy Curtis said...

Awesome, Mike!
This is one of the things I was going to ask you about at OSU ... I'm glad you're doing cartoons like this. Love 'em!

Thanks for not drawing Mark Anderson.