Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: Tom Gammill "Learn to Draw" #25

This one has special guest star Matt Groening.

This video premiered at the Festival of Cartoon Art, this past Saturday night, October 16, 2010, at OSU's Wexner Auditorium. It was part of "An Evening with Matt Groening," hosted by Tom Gammill. The place was packed; a sell out crowd. Matt and Tom showed some cartoon and comic-related clips from THE SIMPSONS and FUTURAMA. Matt also premiered a brand new "Treehouse of Horror" segment from THE SIMPSONS. He asked that no one record it because if they do, then Fox won' allow him to occasionally give fans sneak peeks like this.

Like Matt said, you won't REALLY learn to draw when watching one of Tom's videos, but they are great fun.

A big hat tip to Tom Gammill for letting me know that LTD25 was on the olde YouTube.

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Dan Reynolds said...

I hope Tom never tries to steal the Washington monument.