Monday, October 04, 2010

Wally Wood Gallery Exhibit

Bhob Stewart's Potrezebie blog has all the information and some photos on this large retrospective of Wally Wood's comic book artwork:

"The Woodwork exhibition at the Casal Solleric art gallery on the Paseo Borne in Palma de Mallorca, Spain opened September 16 and continues until November 7. Curators Frederic Manzano and Florentino Florez assembled more than 200 pieces of Wood art, including original art for entire EC stories (from Mad, Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science-Fantasy, Two-Fisted Tales) and Vampirella, plus unpublished work, EC and Marvel covers, Topps art and comic strips, including Wood's November 15, 1970 Prince Valiant page."

Related: Bhob wrote the book Against The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood.


Gerry said...

Wally Wood was a stylistic genius. Too bad he didn't get this kind of tribute when he was alive to see it.

Don Hudson said...

I have GOT to get that gallery book.