Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Maine Comics Arts Festival

Above: Rick Parker's assemblage of drawing materials, plus his cool sunglasses, on his MECAF table.

The third annual Maine Comics Arts Festival was held this past weekend in Portland, ME. Like every year, I was there, along with many other comics creators in the Seacoast area -- and beyond!

Rick Lowell of Casablanca Comics put this together, and thanks to his publicity prowess, the place was humming with fans and families visiting. Admission was only $5, but if you were a kid, you got in free. I shared a table with my pal John Klossner.

Here are a few photos.

Sorry to say I didn't get her name. She's from comicaddicts.com and wrote a nice blog entry about the event (and about being the only person in costume) here: http://www.comicaddicts.com/2011/05/maine-comic-arts-festival-2011.html

My friend John Klossner and his lovely family. Why the parent are looking down at their feet and the kids are looking at the camera I don't know.

The famous guys at the table next to me and John: Lincoln Peirce and BIG NATE, one of the featured guests.

Rick Parker (of Paperkutz' DIARY OF A STINKY DEAD KID) draws for a fan.

Corbett Features: the team of Brain Codagnone and Barry Corbett.

Cara Bean and Matt Smith.

Matt's BARBARIAN LORD comics and prints. Gorgeous work.

Marek Bennett and Colin Tedford's table. Busy, busy, busy!

Glassblower and cartoonist David Jacobson of David Jacobson Glass! Check out his hand-blown "conversation pieces" word balloons!

This is a busy, friendly convention, designed for the independent creators in the Seacoast area. My thanks to Rick Lowell for running a very smooth event. I had a great time.

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Brian Fies said...

If I only lived about 3000 miles closer, I'd be all over a convention like that. Those glass balloons look brilliant, never seen anything like that before. Thanks for the report!

Jeff P said...

I agree, a wonderful time. And great spending some time with you. It happens too seldom.

Mark Anderson said...

Wish I coulda been there mon frere... Thanks for the pics!

Barry Corbett said...

Great to see you again, Mike. It was a fantastic show. Can't say enough nice things about it!

Unknown said...

Matt and I made it to your blog! I feel very cool right now.
: )

Dan Reynolds said...

Looked fun. Ought to send me an invite some year. I'd think of coming.

Rick Parker said...

It was a memorable day! Special thanks to Rick Lowell and everyone involved for making it so.

jamie said...

Thanks for posting - couldn't make it up the ramp much, what with all the people (which was a good thing!), so nice to see some pics of "up there."

Great to finally meet you Mike, and make a bunch of new friends: looking forward to taking another road trip down to hang out more.