Thursday, May 05, 2011

The ABCs of Cult Movies

"O" is for OFFICE SPACE.

The filmicability with Dean Treadway blog cites the blogosphere's latest meme craze: " to contribute the ABC's of any given category." Dean contributes his ABCs of cult movies with some good choices (LOCAL HERO,RIVER'S EDGE) and questionable ones (GWTW, 1941). Some fun reading and it sure makes you want to do your own list, huh?

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Dean Treadway said...

Thanks for the link, Mike. I really appreciate it! Just wanted to chime in in defense of some of my choices. A cult movie is defined, at its core, as a film that has attracted a rabidly devoted--and usually small, but not always--audience (hense the term "cult"--because people slavishly follow these movies, seeing them over and over again, often with a group of like-minded fans, as if they were in a cult. I definitely think movies like GWTW, WIZARD OF OZ, and STAR WARS fit into these categories. Even 1941, which does have loads of fans. It is an arguable point, though, and a springboard into an interesting subject matter. At any rate, I do wanna reiterate: thanks so much for the link!