Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1950s-60s TV Comic Book Covers

The Saved From the Paper Drive blog showcases a mountain of TV-related comic book covers from the 1950s and 60s. Most are Dell and Gold Key. The interesting thing about the collection is that there were comic books for such short lived, not-so-well-remembered series as HE'S DICKENS, I'M FENSTER, IT'S ABOUT TIME and THE NEW PEOPLE.

Begin with Part One here. 

This got me thinking about today's television. What if there were Dell and Gold Key Comics around today? What would their TV show tie-in covers look like?

I think they would go a little like this ...

Above: A BURN NOTICE Dell comic book cover I made up. I would buy it -- especially if it had some Dan Spiegle art in it!

Above: the Gold Key PROJECT RUNWAY comic book cover mock up!

Above: THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER comic that I Photoshopped. OK, I don't think I'd buy this one.

OK, a 30 ROCK TV comic book with Kenneth the Page on the cover? I would totally read this one.

A mock up cover for Dell Comics' THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. Drama, drama, drama! And plastic surgery! This would be a big seller!

Note how the line-up for Rachel Maddow's comic book are from THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW and the other half are from THE LAND OF THE GIANTS! Hoo ha! Mash up, mash up!

And here's a made-up cover for Gold Key Comics' JERSEYLICIOUS!

Lots of fun to mash up these covers, I tell ya!


Mark Anderson said...

Ha! Those are awesome! I could spend all day putting some more together... but... need to... work... GAK!

Jeff P said...

Yes, Mark, I'm curious as to why Mr. Lynch has so much time on his hands...

"It's About Time"! I didn't think anyone remembered that show but me!

I have a copy of the Dark Shadows comic pictured. Too bad the Dells were so badly drawn.

Stephanie said...

These are perfect! I want a "Eureka" one. And maybe "Justified" and "Deadwood". There can be no end to how many great new comics there should be!!!

Mike Lynch said...

These are fun and they weren't too time consuming at all to put together. We should all start a blog dedicated to old-style Gold Key covers to contemporary TV shows and movies.

Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious! Great concept.
I'd like to see more! How about some dramas and comedies...Homeland, Mad Men, Modern Family, New Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm...