Friday, August 05, 2011

Video: Renton, WA: Police to Charge Cartoonist as Criminal; ACLU Offers Help

This story is getting bigger ... still hard to believe this is happening in America.

Below is a news piece from the Washington Station KIRO TV. The local police department has been spoofed in a series of videos by an anonymous animator. The cops want this fellow's hide. They really do. And for good reason: the Renton PD may be rife with corruption.

I wouldn't call this anonymous fellow a cartoonist. The videos are rather long and done with an animation program I've seen before. It's one of those programs where you can create an environment from a template.

Regardless, KIRO TV has lots of serious looking newscasters in suits telling us that no one will talk at the police department will talk about it to them, not even the PD Spokeswoman.

And here's today's piece, where "targeted police feel humiliated." The news anchor asks us if this is covered by the first amendment. Well, yes, parody is covered by the first amendment. I learned that from MAD Magazine!

Watch as Renton Police Chief Kevin Milosevich (!!) says that these animations meet the definition of a crime and the Department was able to obtain a search warrant.

Link: Uncut Locker Room Parody

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