Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Judge Halts Search for Cartoonist Who Embarrassed Cops

by Vanessa Ho, Seattle PI staff:

A King County judge has temporarily blocked a police search for the person who posted anonymous videos embarrassing officers, in which robo-like cartoon characters banter about sexual relationships and internal affairs.

King County Superior Court Judge James Cayce ordered the stay Tuesday on two search warrants he previously signed for the Renton Police Department. Officers have been searching for the identity of the cartoonist for months.

The stay came after Seattle attorney Harish Bharti filed a motion to quash the warrants, in a move he described as a fight to preserve the First Amendment.

"The cartoonist and everybody else have a constitutionally protected right to be anonymous and exercise their free speech and expression," Bharti said.

"This abuse of police power is beyond belief."

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