Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Serious Exercise At the Grocery

Above: my sketch of a guy who may or may have a need for that grocery store-issued scooter.

The nice thing about my local grocery store is that ALL are welcome. Give my grocery your tired, your poor, etc. Well, not TOO poor, OK?

There are, over by the shopping carts, squads of these little motorized scooters. They are available for any shopper to use. Presumably, this is for folks who may actually NEED aid in moblity, but, really now, let's face it: there are no rules, no criteria. ANYONE can use these scooters.

It's just like Orson Welles, you know? Maybe you heard the story. Way back in the day, Mr. Welles had a problem: what with performing a play and a radio show and heaven knows what all, the man had to get around FAST! Cabs, subway -- they weren't quick enough. So, Mr. Welles hired an ambulance. Sirens blaring, this ambulance would zip him all over the city. Welles had solved his problem. And -- get this -- he wasn't breaking any rules. There was no law that said you have to have a medical reason to ride in an ambulance.

So, back to my little local grocery store: It's not just the infirm and the elderly who are zipping down the aisle in these electric conveyances. The tired and lazy have caught on to the idea too.

For a lazy person, that's some serious little gray cell exercise.

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