Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preorder RACONTEUR #3 Fall 2012

RACONTEUR #3: My cover for the new issue.

As you know, there is this comic book that we have been doing.

My friend and fellow contributor John Klossner calls it

"true stories by cartoonists who usually don't do this type of thing." 

That's because the 20 page semi-monthly book is full of multi-page comic book stories art by four cartoonists who usually draw single panel gag cartoons. In addition to me and John, the talented David Jacobson and Jeff Pert contribute.

It will be out the first week in October.

Here's how to preorder:

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Brian Fies said...

You keep making 'em, I'll keep buying 'em. Nice work, guys.

Big Mike said...

I ordered mine!! That's a great cover illustration Mike.