Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Garden As of September 1, 2012

The nights are getting cooler now. Thursday morning, the heat came on. Some of the trees are already showing their browns, yellows and reds. What with the early spring, it's been a long summer for them.

And it's harvest time in the garden.

Above: the raised beds.

Above: the winter squash and sweet potatoes.

Above: green peppers and sweet potatoes. Some of the squash from the neighboring bed has wandered over.

Very big peppers!

Above: the tomatoes.

These are the heirloom tomatoes. They are big and ugly -- but great tasting.

Kale is doing well too.

Prolific cucumbers continue to defy growing vertically.

Some of the flowers:

The winter squash vines invades the yard.

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Gerry said...

Mike, that all looks fantastic! But it got me wondering, do you have a deer problem up there at all?