Saturday, September 29, 2012

RACONTEUR #3 Preview

The third issue of RACONTEUR is out and, boy howdy, it's another good one!

RACONTEUR is the comic by "cartoonists who usually don't do this kind of thing." The third issue of RACONTEUR has autobiographical stories put together by people who usually draw those single panel gag cartoons in The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Down East Magazine, Reader's Digest, etc.

David Jacobson writes about his life in NYC. My favorite part: David really cheeses off Leonard Nimoy.

John Klossner shares a horrible true tale about a professional caricature gig that goes really wrong. Warning: there's some verbal abuse of a cartoonist.

Mike Lynch writes about being a kid in the frozen wastes of "snirt" in Moorhead, MN ... and the ghost in his basement!

Jeff Pert talks frankly and humorously about his not-so-funny bout with cancer.

I'm sending out fresh copies next week --
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Mike, I enjoy your blog everyday, You are one of the best. Great cover in Racontuer> Turned 75 on Jan. 17. I'm
the worlds slowest rising cartoonist. Best, Don Cresci