Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ed Koren on Closing His Local Post Office

Brookfield, VT: You can't help but like the fact that the New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren lives in a small New England town where the residents have voted not to pave the main street. That kind of contrariness seems right for a place a cartoonist calls home. 

And the fact that their post office may shut down, has people angered.

Ed Koren:
"If they curtail services, fewer people will come. Fewer people will use it and then the justification for getting rid of it altogether."

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Dan Reynolds said...

I, too, live in a small town. It's so small that the "Welcome sign" and "You are now leaving" sign are back to back on the same pole. In my town, when they talk of the north and south pole, they're talking about the same pole. Our town post office is so small, the postage stamp covers the entire envelope. The post office flag is on top of the welcome/leaving sign which makes it a bit uncomfortable when the local fire department tries sliding down the pole. You have probably guessed by now that the pole has red and white stripes painted on it as it is also the barber pole.
Our town is so small, the local "pole"iticians, do all their "pole"itical pole'ing at the pole.
Okay, I maybe "pole"ing your leg when it comes to how small my two is, but one thing it does have is a big heart.