Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nemo: The Storm So Far - Saturday Afternoon

The snow tapered off around lunchtime, but the wind kept on for a couple of hours. At 2:30, I announced my intention to go out and shovel and snowplow -- and then I saw me neighbor's plow come down my drive! It was a neighborly, courtesy plow! He only got half way down, since he didn't want to bury the car. Damn nice of him. Cut my work in half.

Nearly 3 feet of snow.

At least the snow was rather light and fluffy.

The basement sliding doors with 4-5 foot drifts that had to be dug out so I could maneuver out the snowblower.

I prop up the 2 boards to wheel out the snowblower and look who is sitting on it!


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