Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lou Brooks Interview

Cartoonist and illustrator Lou Brooks gives a career-spanning interview in DEADBEAT Magazine this month.

Lou thoughtfully provides some quotes at his blog. Here's one from the early, bitter years of struggle:

"New York City was just ninety miles north, and I realized that everything I was doing was coming from up there, so my wife and I packed up and moved to New York. To live in New York, even back then, you had to know who you were and why you were there. Beginning each day in Manhattan is like getting hit in the face with a shovel. You have to like it, then get back up and continue down the street. We moved there when the city was at its grimiest and most dangerous. Son of Sam was running around loose. We got hit with a huge blackout. The worst blizzards in fifty years. It’s just hard to live there, unless you’re on a trust fund... for people starting out now, my advice is: have rich parents."

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