Thursday, February 28, 2013

Video: 1986 Gary Larson Interview

Here's an interview from the TV show 20/20 wherein Gary Larson reflects on his success and reporter Lynn Sheer reads off what sure seems to be like the Top Ten best known FAR SIDE cartoons of his. It was originally broadcast on January 8, 1987.

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Dan Reynolds said...

As much as an impact as Gary made, over the years, it's interesting to note how many young people have never heard of him. At one time, EVERY knew The FAR SIDE name. I'm a cartoonist and I polled my own kids. The two oldest, 23 and 16 know who he is, my 15 year old thought his name sounded familiar but wasn't sure who he was, and my 6th grader had no idea. One has to take into account their father is a professional cartoonist and I have all his work on my shelves (along with MANY other cartoonists). I did a recent talk at a college and only 2 people in the class had heard of him.

It's hard to believe. It's sad, but true. Then again, he retired after only 15 years.

Btw, I remember watching this when it was on tv in 1987. Two years later I became a cartoonist myself, and have never wanted to do anything else.