Thursday, January 30, 2014

1972 Cartoonist PROfiles: Bill Kresse Interview

Bill Kresse (1933-2014) was interviewed twice for Cartoonist PROfiles magazine. Here is the first interview with the Daily News and "Super" Super cartoonist. (The second one, from 1982, is here.)

The interview is from Cartoonist PROfiles #13, March 1972. It was conducted by Sandy Fries, a NYC area high school student. It's a good interview, with Sandy asking a lot of nuts and bolts questions about tools and working habits. Sandy contributes some of his work here, because, you see, he's a cartoonist as well. It's one of the nicest interviews ever, and Bill's sturdy enthusiasm for cartooning really comes through. (UPDATE: Sandy Fries comments on Bill's influence in this statement from 2014.)

My thanks to Tom Stemmle for getting this to me. Thank you very much, Tom!

The interview opens with a special "Super" Duper drawn especially for Cartoonist PROfiles.


Unknown said...

Thanks for presenting this Kresse interview.
What are the chances of you and Mr. Stemmle posting the Kresse pieces in Cartoonist PROfiles #53 and #143. I understand the #143 one is a bit of an autoboigraphy (per the MSU Reading Room Index: "Kresse writes about his cartooning career, with work samples").

Also it looks as if Sandy Fries went more with writing than drawing in his later career:

Mike Lynch said...

A very good chance, D.D!

And I just got off the phone with Mr. Fries himself just now!

Stand by ...