Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sherm Cohen: How to Draw Cartoons…the Old-School Way

A big reason to love Sherm Cohen is that he not only has a lot of fascinating toys -- but he will also share them with us.

Case in point: his shelves full of vintage "how to draw cartoons" books. At Cartooning Classics, he shows us many of his terrific books that he's collected over the years. We're talking hi res scans here!

Now showing: Tack's Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Cartoonist (1923):

Take a stroll through the site and you'll see some amazing books. Then, bookmark this trove of knowledge from this nice cartoonist who shares his cool toys. Thanks, Sherm!

A partial list:
“The Know-How of Cartooning” by Ken Hultgren
“Draw Cartoons — It’s Fun to Know How” edited and drawn by George Lichty
“Basic Shapes for Heads” by Jack N. Miller
How to Draw Cartoon Hands by Dick Ebbeson
“Popeye’s How to Draw Cartoons” by Joe Musial

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