Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Illustration Art: That Knob on Mort Drucker's Lamp

This is for people who like to draw that are their own worst enemy.

Here's the problem: you have finished your drawing. It's done. You're ready to send it to the client.

But there's something that's bothering you about it. Maybe it's the way you drew a hand, or maybe it's some small element of the drawing that you don't like.

The key word is "you."

You figure that the client won't see what's bothering you, and probably people won't notice when the work is published.

But you know that you have not drawn an element to the best of your ability.

Should you spend the time to fix it? Such a small thing? Or should you send work out that you're dissatisfied with -- even in a minor way? Is being a perfectionist a bad thing?

David Apatoff at Illustration Art talks about one case like this in That Knob on Mort Drucker's Lamp.

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