Friday, January 31, 2014

1982 Cartoonist PROfiles: Bill Kresse of the N.Y. Daily News "Draw, Draw, Draw"

Bill and "Dandie" at his home studio.

Below: cartoonist Bill Kresse talks about his profession in a complete article from Cartoonist PROfiles #53, March 1982. Bill was, at this time, on staff at the New York Daily News art department. More about his life here.

This was the second of two Cartoonist PROfiles features on Bill. His 1972 interview by Sandy Fires is here. And here's Sandy Fries remembering Bill Kresse in a short statement from 2014.

OK! Here is Cartoonist PROfiles #53, March 1982: This is Bill Kresse writing directly to young people who want to go into the cartooning field. 

The advice is right on, like:

"Learn your craft as well as you possible can -- Draw, Draw, Draw -- day, and night."

A big thank you to Tom Stemmle for these scans. Thanks, Tom!

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