Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All the Cartoons from LOOK Magazine June 7, 1960

Old Blue Eyes, and his new family, graces the cover of LOOK Magazine for June 7, 1960. And truman writes a blistering article about Adlai Stevenson.

The magazine, "Now More Than 6,000,000 Circulation," would peak at 7.75 million copies nine years later. But by 1971, the oversized (11" x 14") magazine ceased due to declining ad revenue.

The one and only Gurney Williams was the cartoon editor of the magazine at this time. Before that, he had done the same job for Collier's Magazine, Woman's Home Companion and American Magazine.

From Wikipedia's Collier's Magazine entry:
From a staggering stack of some 2000 submissions each week, Williams made a weekly selection of 30 to 50 cartoons, lamenting:
"The other day I found myself staring at the millionth cartoon submitted to me since I became humor editor here. I wish it could have been fresh and original. Instead, it showed several ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Two others stood nearby. Said one to the other: 'Where is everybody?'" [from a 1946 TIME Magazine article]

Here are all of the fresh and original cartoons (and no ostrich ones) from this issue of LOOK:

Rea Irvin:

John Dempsey:

Leonard Dove:

Bill Yates:

Vahan Shirvanian:

Ned Hilton:

Ton Smits:

Chon Day:

Jon Riegen:

Larry Reynolds:

My thanks to John Klossner for the loan of the magazine. Thanks, John!

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Wow. Brother Sebastian AND Butch!

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