Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Teaser Trailer for PEANUTS 2015 Movie

Hat tip to Mark Anderson! 


Tom Falco said...

I don't like the look. I was just thinking today that with all the special effects and digital goings on in comics today, it's so nice that Peanuts will always be Peanuts. Now it's not.

Kevin R. Tengesdal said...

The hair thread on his forehead just looks too much like some sort of living entity residing and ready to strike.

Royston Robertson said...

The thought of CGI Peanuts did send a shiver down my spine but actually this doesn't look too bad. It's tying to be faithful to the original look and be 3D at the same time, not an easy trick to pull off. Will reserve judgement until I've seen the film.

Peanuts *will* always be Peanuts though, whatever this is like. Reminds me of when Raymond Chandler was asked what he thought of Hollywood "ruining" his books. He took the journalist through to his study and showed them his books on the shelf, pointing out that they were just fine :)