Friday, March 21, 2014

Susie Cagle: "Eight Years of Solitude"

People might want to use the word "sobering" to describe Susie Cagle's "Eight Years of Solitude" article for the Medium site. It's a reflection on her eight years as a cartoonist journalist. I think the right word is "honest." If you go so far as using two words, "very honest" would do it.

She is a successful freelance writer and cartoonist whose clients include McSweeney's The Huffington Post, The Atlantic and more.

"The year I got the most TV and radio spots and magazine write-ups, I made about $17,000."

Another excerpt:

"I was arrested and jailed while reporting on Occupy in Oakland because the police didn’t recognize the outlets for which I freelanced. Some media blogs speculated that it was because I was really a cartoonist and not a reporter at all. When I reached out to Columbia for guidance on facing the resulting criminal charges, the dean wrote a Tumblr post about it."

The entire story is here.

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