Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Post-War Gag Cartoonists

Above cartoon by Tom Hudson for  Collier's. 

My friend Ger Apeldoorn shows us some samples of the post-war "mid-range" gag cartoonists.

"Dependable, but maybe a bit safe. They were often not classy enough for The New Yorker and not dirty enough for the girlie magazines (although most of them ended up there in the late fifties)."

Well, I don't know if they were classy or not. Take a look at the above link and see for yourself. But these guys -- Colin Allen, Bo Brown, Tom Henderson, Tom Hudson, Henry Syverson -- were major hitters, with their recognizable cartoons appearing regularly in high circulation, mainstream weekly and monthly magazines like Colliers and The Saturday Evening Post. 


Ger Apeldoorn said...

I think Colin Allen may have been the most succesfull of the lot, with a Sunday newspaper page and a regular job as illustrator in King Features Sunday magazine Pictorial Review.

Linette Moore said...

That Syverson one with the sign painter was pretty good.