Thursday, June 05, 2014

16 Tragic Science Fiction Calendar Miscalculations

The Anorak site looks at 16 Tragic Science Fiction Calendar Miscalculations.

Case in point: BACK TO THE FUTURE II, which is set in 2015. We have one more year until hover boards. Yeah, right.

Well, we do have a lot of 3D movies ...

SPACE: 1999 got it wrong: the moon did not blast out of orbit. 

New York City has not been turned into " the world’s largest penitentiary" as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, which was set in 1997, postulated. 

May Day, 1970: Alexander Korda's version of H.G. Wells' THINGS TO COME had Raymond Massey hop out of a futuristic plane and try and save civilization from ruin. Civilization may be getting itself ruined, but we ain't got no Massey or his "Wings Over the World" to save the day.

And on and on.

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