Friday, June 06, 2014

Is Bill Watterson Drawing PEARLS BEFORE SWINE by Stephan Pastis This Week? EDITED

Yesterday's PEARLS BEFORE SWINE. copyright Stephan Pastis.

The Internet is abuzz with the idea that Bill Watterson is ghosting some of the panels of the syndicated PEARLS BEFORE SWINE comic strip this week.

It's a fun thing to wonder about. People who grew up the CALVIN AND HOBBES are parsing the inky lines for tell-tale signs that it's a genuine Watterson-drawn comic. If it is, it would be his first comic strip work since 1995, when C AND H folded.

I don't think it is. A good number of cartoonists I have met can ape a Watterson style. And I don't understand what Watterson's motivation would be.

But it's a fun thing to talk about, isn't it?

It motivates me to go read some old CALVIN strips tonight ….


The Daily Cartoonist has a poll about this. 

As of now, 62% believe it's Watterson's work.


Cartoonist said...

The gag makes me think it's him

Brubaker said...

It's Watterson