Tuesday, June 03, 2014

All the Cartoons From LOOK Magazine July 15, 1969

If you just finished watching the penultimate seven MAD MEN episodes, then this is about where we left off time-wise in the series: July, 1969.

This issue of LOOK Magazine has: a review "True Grit" by Gene Shalit (Gene liked it), "How Hippies Raise Their Children," and a photo-essay on 32 year old TV interviewer Dick Cavett.

And here are all of the cartoons from the July 15, 1969 issue. It's copyright 1969 Cowles Magazines and Broadcasting, Inc.

Ton Smits:

Eldon Dedini:

Bill Hoest:

British cartoonist Francis Wilford-Smith who signed his work "Smilby:"

Ed Fisher:

Herb Goldberg:

Another one by Bill Hoest:

Can someone help me ID this one?

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Unknown said...

John Ruge 1915 - 1982
New Yorker, Playboy, Colliers