Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PUNCH 1939 Summer Issue Part One

Mr. Punch rides a merry-go-round (with a pretty good smiling at him from an adjacent horse) in this colorful cover of PUNCH #5119, May 22, 1939. I would think that this is all still maybe copyright Punch, Ltd.

The cover is by Hewitt. But like a lot of British cartoonists back in the day, I am not familiar with their work. But they all are wonderful and some of these cartoons made me laugh out loud all these decades later. I especially liked the wordless, multi-panel pages that tell a whole story. Take a look.

This great "Summer Number" is full of color cartoons and obviously meant to be read and reread and handed down to others. Here are all of the cartoons for the first half of the magazine.

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Gerry said...

Great set of cartoons, Mike! Thanks!