Monday, August 18, 2014

The Garden As of Mid-August

Everyone can sleep well. Dexter the cat is keeping watch!

Dex was a rather feral cat that was hanging around the woods here. We built him a little hay house made from bales of hay. He immediately moved in, and, a very long story short, he then moved into the actual, real house where he loves to be picked up and patted. Feral no more!

The garden has lots of green tomatoes that will turn into red tomatoes that will turn into a lot of canning and freezing soon. 

Foreground: a basil plant. Peppers (which are not doing too well), squash and cucumbers beyond.

A raised bed of annuals. Some zinnias. More are starting to bloom.


The box in front is nothing but weeds since the lettuce spiked and was pulled out. The box in back is all Roma tomatoes. You can see we have that brown-leaf disease, where the leaves shrivel up and the tomatoes can possibly get scalded by the sun. Hopefully, this will not happen. 

And on to the parade of perennials: 

And there was a tree that came down during last week's torrential rains. Double good news: it didn't hit anything valuable and more wood for winter: 

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