Friday, August 29, 2014

The Garden As of Late August 2014

The greens are going from deep green to a more tired green, if ya know what I mean. There are even some patches of red leaves on a few of the trees! The garden is in its lingering days of summer into fall. One sign of fall: All of the NH kids are back in school, with the ME kids returning next Wednesday.

Last night, we sat outside looking at the stars and it was so cool I had to wear a flannel shirt. Brr.

Here are the peppers, squash and cucumbers. The pepper plants are not producing. There are hints at blooms, but I think that they are done. This is too bad.

One raised bed is full of zinnias. Love the colors.

A closer angle:

The brown leaf disease has gotten the tomatoes, but the crop will be big regardless:

Some flowers from the perennial garden ...

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