Friday, August 08, 2014

STAR TREK's Susan Oliver "The Green Girl" Documentary

"The Green Girl" refers to a new documentary about actress Susan Oliver (1932-1990), who played the very first green Orion slave girl in the very first STAR TREK pilot.

But, as the documentary preview will show, she was also a director and a serious aviatrix. (She flew solo from the US to Moscow.) I thought one of the challenges with Oliver, who was on a lot of TV shows (THE UNTOUCHABLES, BONANZA, WAGON TRAIN, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW to name a few), was that she never starred in a TV series. Popular guest stars in TV shows usually got a TV series. Look at Elizabeth Montgomery.

But I didn't know that she had turned down TV series contracts, not wanting to be tied down for seven years, as was the usual length of a series commitment.

Take a look at the preview.

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