Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Short Documentary: The Art of Richard Thompson

The nice thing is that this short (21 minute) documentary is that it's for both of the kinds of people in the world: the people who know and love Richard, and the people who do not know who this Richard Thompson is.

You will surely know after looking at this.

If you know him, this is a great video companion to his ART OF RICHARD THOMPSON book, which hits the bookstores next week. If you have no idea who he is, you will become a fan immediately upon seeing his illustrations, caricatures, cartoons and comic strips.

Richard is, to quote the documentary, a "cartoonist's cartoonist," which, as my pal Brian Fies put it so well on his Facebook page this morning:

"… means that he does things I wish I could do, does things I don't understand how anyone could do, and is the very model of 'working hard to make it look easy.' He's one of the all-time best and this piece does a good job of showing why."

I couldn't agree more.

Richard was diagnosed with Parkinson's and has since, sadly, had to retire. The silver lining is that his work will be preserved and celebrated.

The Art of Richard Thompson from GVI on Vimeo.

Washington Post: THIS JUST IN: ‘The Art of Richard Thompson’: Filmmakers behind new documentary short deftly capture ‘the cartoonist’s cartoonist’

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