Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Silent Penultimate NANCY Panels by Ernie Bushmiller

Here are some silent penultimate comic strip panels from Ernie Bushmiller's NANCY strip. These are the next to last panels that are devoid of text.

Pulled out of any context, these become moments of zen comic art.

NANCY is copyright United Media. The strips are from Brian Walker's landmark book THE BEST OF ERNIE BUSHMILLER (Comicana Books, 1988), which used a silent penultimate panel for its cover.

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Mr. Bushmiller in his later years, from the back cover of THE BEST OF ERNIE BUSHMILLER. From the collection of James T. Carlsson.

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-- This entry originally appeared on March 5, 2012.

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John Lotshaw said...

I've used a lot of these silent penultimates for Random Acts of Nancy. Thank heaven for the SPUP and Ernie's skillful use of it... I don't know what I'd without it...