Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here's the final bit -- the last couple of dozen scans of original art from RUSS COCHRAN'S COMIC ART AUCTION #67, which came out over twenty years ago. So much great art and so many panels and dailies. A number of these are strips I had not heard of. Go and look. You will feel a bit smarter!

Part 1 here.
Part 2 here.
Part 3 here.
Part 4 here.
Part 5 here.
Part 6 here.

A. Hutchinson, Clancy

Edgar Martin

Bob Bowie

The Walker Brothers

Charles W. Kahles

Kearney "Edge" Edgerton

Jeff Keate

Russ Winterbottom

Dave Breger

Ray Helle

Hal Rasmusson

Ken Ernst/Allen Saunders

George LeMont

Ralph Heimdahl

Walt Disney Studio

Gus Edson/Irwin Hasen

Bill Howrilla

Howie Schneider

C.D. Russell

Mell Lazarus

Arthur Folwell/Kin Platt

Dick Cavalli


Martin Branner


Dale Messick

Alfred Andriola

Al McWilliams

John Spranger

Brand Anderson

Jack Elrod


Fred H. Thomas

Frank O'Neal

Gus Edson

Studio Artist

Merrill Blosser

Rudolph Dirks

Fred Meagher

Wally Bishop

Gus Arriola

Gus Arriola

Bob Kane

Irwin Hasen

Marie Severin

Marie Severin

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