Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1000 JOKES MAGAZINE # 92 Winter 1959-60.

The Hairy Green Eyeball 3 blog has a complete issue of 1000 JOKES, a Dell Magazine full of gag cartoons. It was considered near the end of the gag cartoon food chain, offering far less money than prestige markets like True or Look magazines. Nevertheless, many popular cartoonists sold to it. Bill Yates, the editor, was also a cartoonist. He was one of the figures in cartoon history who not only created his own gag cartoons and features, but was also an editor. "Professor Phumble," a syndicated feature, ran for 18 years under his authorship. In 1978, Mr. Yates, upon the demise of "Phumble" became Comics Editor for that syndicate; King Features.

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