Monday, September 28, 2015


Here are some CARTOON CLASSICS FROM MEDICAL ECONOMICS. This is a hardcover collection of gag cartoons from the Medical Economics magazine, copyright 1963 by the Medical Economics Book Division, Inc. of Oradell, NJ.

Above: Jack Markow is the cartoonist and this is one of my favorite cartoons of his. This may be one of his most reprinted cartoons. Mr. Markow was a prolific gag cartoonist who wrote a series of "how to cartoon" books throughout the 1960s and 70s. Every cartoonist I know had one of Mr. Markow's books!

You know it's coming, but the gag is classic.

Look at that. An office without a computer. Or any files.

Joe Farris, the one and only. Those sly looks on the kids' and moms' faces have me feeling a little uncomfortable.

Above: Al Kaufman, one of the greats. This made me laugh out loud. What a gleeful look on that kid's face!

Sid Hoff using his dry brush on pebble board technique. A creaky gag, but an idea I still see published from time to time.

Tom Hudson with a sorry little kid.

I can't make out the signature, but I think maybe, probably it's Shirvanian. This is fun and probably a true life event!

KAZ, who is alive and well and living in Connecticut, with a racy one.

And the last one for now is this wordless gag by the late, great Charlie Rodriguez. It took me a couple of seconds to see what's going on ....

-- Edited from a blog entry that originally appeared March 11, 2009.

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