Thursday, September 03, 2015

Milt Priggee Editorial Cartoon "Can Put Police In Danger"

An editorial cartoon by Milt Priggee that criticized the police "can put police in danger," says Jacksonville, FL Fraternal Order of the Police Spokesman Steve Amos.

Ink can endanger cops.

Times Union editor Frank Denton for stands up for the cartoonist, even while distancing the paper by citing that the cartoon is "the cartoonist's opinion." Mr. Denton goes on to explain what an editorial cartoon is. 

But I think that those who feel threatened by cartoons cannot be taught. The whole idea of free speech and the first amendment and all that is seen as a violation unless it agrees with the ears of the beholder.

Mr. Priggee has a great notice on his site to help take care of people who do get angry at his work, which I loved:
You are not required to agree with the opinions expressed herein. If you feel obliged to bring suit against me, Milt Priggee, however, please sit down and wait until the urge passes. If you still desire to expose yourself in a courtroom, all service of process may be addressed to: 
Law Office of Jeffry K. Finer
West 35 Main • Suite 300 • Spokane, WA 99201 
Please include a current inventory of assets, including homestead exemptions, in the event that we undertake a counterclaim for malicious prosecution.

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