Friday, September 04, 2015


Maybe one of the problems with the Internet is that there isn't more Howie Schneider in it.

Howie created the long running EEK AND MEEK syndicated comic strip, as well as children's books -- some of which he wrote with his wife Susan Seligson. He also created THE SUNSHINE CLUB, a comic strip about retirees, and he contributed a regular cartoon, titled "Unschucked," to the Provincetown Banner.

From the Boston Globe:

"Howie insists -- and he was known to embellish -- that he could draw before he could walk. In the delivery room he drew," said his wife, Susan Seligson of Truro. "Howie drew constantly. He always knew he was going to be an artist."

Here are a few of his cartoons from the out of print HOWIE SCHNEIDER UNSCHUCKED collection, "A Cartoon Collection about the Cape, the Country and Life Itself." It's all copyright Mr. Schneider.

The fearless, quick, assured lines of his drawings and his pointed, hilarious writing are two reasons to pause and linger over these terrific cartoons from the late 1990s.


Brubaker said...

Long time fan of Howie Schneider, who I consider to be extremely underrated.

Brett Koth said...

He also did the strip THE CIRCUS OF P.T.BIMBO - a personal favorite.

Chris Smigliano said...

He also did a short-lived semi-autobiographical strip called "Howie"- some of was based on actual events in his life.