Friday, October 30, 2015

Mark Parisi: Huffington Post: "Once we brought up the subject of payment, we were told that's not how they do things."

I have posted about reactions that Wil Wheaton and The Oatmeal had when they were asked to give away their creative work for free to corporations.

Now, with his permission, here's Mark Parisi on what he did when The Huffington Post wanted his stuff for free. (He did not agree to it.) You know Mark. He draws the award winning OFF THE MARK cartoon panel. Take it away, Mark:


Wil Wheaton and The Oatmeal recently posted about their experiences with The Huffington Post expecting free stuff. I had a similar experience the other day. They wanted to publish some of my Halloween cartoons, but once we brought up the subject of payment, we were told that's not how they do things. 
Below is their agreement. Look at the rights they expect for a link.

To Whom it May Concern,
I am a photo editor with XXX and we are running a story on HILARIOUS PHOTOS THAT DESCRIBE WHAT HALLOWEEN IS LIKE AS A PARENT. I saw that you had images and was wondering if you could share some of them with us to accompany our story. --> We would of course credit you and link back your site. <-- acceptable="" and="" any="" are="" been="" br="" by="" cleared="" confirm="" could="" does="" email="" following="" for="" have="" if="" infringe="" is="" not="" party="" photo="" please="" providing="" replying="" rights="" s="" statement:="" that="" the="" third="" this="" to="" use="" with="" xxx="" you="">I hereby represent and warrant that I or my organization, __________, either owns the copyright in the attached Content or has a license that allows us to provide the Content to XXX for use on your site under the following terms. 1. Worldwide non-exclusive use on the XXX Network, for primary use in a non-commercial feature (“Feature”) and unlimited Secondary Uses (“Secondary Uses” defined as instances of the same Images including the use of screen grab images as “pointers” channeling viewers to the primary use of the Images on XXX’s pages) specifically including Secondary Uses on third party social photo sharing and networking sites including without limitation, and; 2.For the life of the Feature; 3. For online distribution including 1) the right to use the Images in outgoing RSS or MRSS feeds as long as they point back to the Images in their primary use on the XXX Network (“XXX Network” defined as products, goods and services owned and/or operated by XXX and/or its wholly owned subsidiaries); 2) the right to use the Images in RSS or MRSS feeds distributed outside of the XXX Network as long as each such use links back to the Images displayed on the XXX Network; and 3) the right to allow XXX end users to snag XXX Network-branded modules, widgets and/or slideshow galleries containing the Images (“Modules”) and post Modules to a third-party site. Thanks so much!! Photo Editor | XXX

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Unknown said...

Ask them if they treat their plumber that way. Huffington Post is a rag anyway. What would one expect? I guess they're giving their magazine away for free now, too, huh? Naw. They couldn't give that away.