Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some #Inktober Drawings Second Week

A lot of cartoonists are drawing up an ink sketch a day and posting them online. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, then you may have already have seen these. The whole idea is just to draw a little something and post it. It has to be in ink. I add some watercolor as well. Here are all of mine from week 2 of #inktober2015. Week one can be seen here.

It was so cold one day this past week, it reminded me of February, hence the groundhog and President Lincoln. I messed up on Lincoln, adding a moustache when he actually never sported one. Ah well!

Pro actor Jeanette Stout plays a zombie on the TV show THE WALKING DEAD and she gave me some zombie acting tips. I quickly drew this up:

Boss and worker comics.

I was thinking of my pal Brian Fies' graphic Novel WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW? when drawing this. Lookit all that pollution spewing out of his jetpack. Still, it would be cool to have one, huh?

We are at the farthest point in the year from Easter. I was thinking would that drive him to drink?

Sad pup.


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Brian Fies said...

Great sketches! I need to do that more myself. I think that final dog just needs to find some kids and a van, and start solving mysteries. Thanks for the nod.