Thursday, October 08, 2015

Some #Inktober Drawings

This is Inktober (or #Inktober if you are on Instagram or Twitter) and during Inktober, people who draw are voluntarily doing up one ink sketch a day. I've been drawing something every day. Just a little stream of consciousness drawing. They are all in ink, they are all drawn with no penciling. Sometimes I just start drawing and I just see what happens. These are supposed to be fun. They are then colored with watercolor. The whole process is under ten minutes. Here are my first seven:

Inktober week two is here.
Inktober week three is here.
Inktober week four is here.
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Stories said...

I liked the 4th drawing, feeding the birds.

Gerry said...

Nice, Mike! I tried to do Inktober last year then I got too busy with actual work. Bummer!