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NEW CARTOON LAUGHS, a Fawcett Gold Medal Book (you can tell because there's a little drawing of a gold medal that they gave themselves with the 60 cent price in the corner), is a 1970 collection of gag cartoons that originally appeared in TRUE Magazine. Virgil "VIP" Partch draws the "Your place or mine?" cartoon cover of this naughty tome. Contents copyright 1970 by Fawcett Publications, Inc.

Here's VIP with a multi-panel cartoon:

Sid Harris's washes are so painterly:

Chon Day's cartoons are some of my favorites. His clean line style is his trademark.

VIP has a number of these "wandering in the desert" cartoons in the book.

Ed Arno is another master of line and shape.

The look of serious purpose on the bear's face in this great Don Orehek cartoon made me laugh out loud.

An early Sam Gross special! One of my favorite cartoons of his.

And here's Geroge Booth with another one of my favorites.

Jack Tippit's cartoon maybe would not be published today.

Gallagher poses a usurpation of the power structure at Camp Wah Ha Nee Nok!

Bill Hoest had a wonderful way with wash -- and he could draw cute cartoon girls. He was a favorite of Hugh Hefner's.

Chon Day with a gag that shows us that some things do not change!

Brian Savage with a particularly pointed barb.

I'm closing with Chon Day, since I laughed out loud at this one!

Edited from a November 9, 2011 blog entry.

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